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Short or long-term, Ben Burns KNOWS the NBA. A look at the short-term finds that he's a PERFECT 11-0 his L11. Seriously. 11-0! A look at the long-term finds top-rated NBA sides on an EPIC PROFIT HEATER which has produced MORE THAN $50K in net profits. He's elevating to his HIGHEST RATING here. Hop on board as Ben makes it 12 STRAIGHT NBA WINNERS!

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The "puck-line" has long treated Ben Burns well and thats been the case once again this year. In fact, Burns is a SICK 17-4 his L21 "puck-line" bets. Here, he's laying some extra juice to get an extra +1.5 goals. (The last time he did so, Buffalo won outright at Calgary!) These plays don't come around often but when they do, you NEED TO CAPITALIZE!

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A 9-1 RECORD from Mon/Tues brings Ben Burns to 23-9 his L32, entering Wednesday. Burns' top-rated fooball plays are documented with an unbiased 86-67 ATS RECORD. Burns WON HUGE, as per usual, in the Championship Rd. once again last year. He didn't play the regular season matchup between the Saints/Rams but he LOVES Sunday's rematch. Do NOT miss! (CONTAINS BONUS FIRST HALF PLAY!)

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As he releases this play, Ben Burns is 20-9 his past 29 and his top-rated plays are on an $88K HEATER. He WON HUGE in the Championship Rd again last year, his biggest total leading the way. You'll want to HURRY on this one!

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A 9-1 RECORD from Mon/Tues brings Ben Burns to 23-9 his L32, entering Wednesday. Burns' top-rated fooball plays are documented with an unbiased 86-67 ATS RECORD. Burns WON HUGE, as per usual, in the Championship Rd. once again last year. He didn't play the regular season matchup between the Chiefs/Pats but he LOVES Sunday's rematch. Do NOT miss!

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Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Jan 17, 2019
Blackhawks vs Rangers
-120 at pinnacle
Play Type: Free

This classic Original Six matchup has seen better days. If the playoffs were to start today, neither team would be involved. The Rangers are a lot closer though and the teams are currently going in opposite directions. The Rangers are off a 6-2 win, their second victory in three games. As for the Hawks, the reality is that they have a better chance of winning the draft lottery than making the playoffs. This is a Chicago team which allows more goals than any team in its conference; last time the Hawks allowed eight, their fourth straight loss. While the Hawks are 8-16 on the road, the Rangers are 12-11 at MSG. Really, the price could easily be higher. Consider NY. 

While everyone is talking about his PERFECT 10-0 NBA RUN, Ben Burns is also heating up in the other sports. He's a MASSIVE 11-2-1 to start the week & he's now a SWEET 25-10-2 his L37. Top-rated plays on long-term $90.6K PROFIT RAMPAGE!

Matchup Selection W/L
NCAA-B  |  Jan 17, 2019
Oregon State vs Arizona State
Arizona State
-4 -115 at BMaker
Play Type: Top Premium

I'm playing on ASU (10* GAME OF THE YEAR). The favorite is 6-2 ATS the last eight times that these teams have faced each other and I expect those stats to improve here. Indeed, this is a case of the Beavers being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The Sun Devils just got upset by the Cardinal, at Stanford, in their last game. Prior to that, they'd won b2b games by double-digits. The last time that they were off a loss, the Sun Devils responded with a 22-point win over Colorado. Including that result, ASU is 7-2 ATS the past nine times it was off a double-digit Pac-12 loss. Over the years, the Beavers are just 12-20 ATS as road underdogs in the 3.5 to 6 range. They're also 3-7 ATS (2-8 SU) the past 10 times that they were off three or more consecutive victories. Lay the points and expect a relatively decisive win for the home team. 

Matchup Selection W/L
NHL  |  Jan 17, 2019
Jets vs Predators
-145 at pinnacle
Play Type: Top Premium

I'm playing on NASHVILLE (10* VIOLATOR). Huge game between the top two teams in the West. I expect home ice to prove significant. I respect the Jets and won with them in their last game, an emotional 'payback' victory against Vegas. That was at Winnipeg, where they're very tough to beat. They're still solid on the road (12-8) but far more beatable. The Predators, meanwhile, are a dominant 16-7 here at Nashville. The win over Vegas marked the Jets' third straight victory, all of those coming at Winnipeg. Note that they're just 16-18 (-8.3) the past couple of seasons, off three or more consecutive wins. The Jets' last road game resulted in a loss, at Minnesota. Prior to that, they lost 4-0, at Pittsburgh. The Preds typically up their game when facing other top opponents. With a chance to gain ground in the standings, expect the Preds to do so here, improve to 16-4 their last 20 against teams with a winning record. 

Matchup Selection W/L
NBA  |  Jan 17, 2019
Kings vs Hornets
-3 -110 at 5Dimes
Play Type: Top Premium

I'm playing on CHARLOTTE (10* PERS FAV). These teams just faced each other, at Sacramento, on Saturday. The Kings won by seven. Not surprising, given that Charlotte is just 6-15 on the road. Playing on their home floor, where they're a far better 14-8, I expect the revenge-minded Hornets to get some payback on Thursday. Note that the Hornets are 6-2 ATS their past eight when attempting to avenge a 'same season' loss. Charlotte was laying -10.5 for last season's meeting here. Things have changed but not that much. Payback time!


Age: 42


In "Outliers," Malcolm Gladwell asks the question: "What makes high achievers different?" Gladwell suggests that those at the top of their field have a number of similarities - that their upbringing (culture, family, what generation they came from, experiences) had much to do with their success.

As a professional sports handicapper, Ben Burns is widely recognized as being "at the top of his field." A look at Ben's upbringing shows that he fits Gladwell's model to a tee.

Exposed to the world of point spreads early and often as a child, Burns reached adulthood as the Internet was first beginning to explode, just as the first offshore sportsbooks were springing up. By that time he'd already spent thousands of hours learning and studying stats.

From an early age it became apparent to family and friends that Ben wasn't a "typical" fan. At age 11, he was mentioned in a major newspaper (Toronto Star) for correctly predicting a high profile trade before the Major League Baseball trading deadline. (Winner of the contest got tickets to the All Star game.)

Ben's father and uncles were always involved in a weekly NFL (ATS) pool. Some of Ben's earliest memories included that pool and his fascination with it. As soon as he was allowed to play, Ben demonstrated an uncanny ability to surprise the adults. Around this time, one of his uncles moved his casino business to the Caribbean. This was the environment which he came from.

The caption underneath Ben's high-school graduation photo references Ben's love for betting on football. That's because he was famous throughout his school for annually winning the local football contest, along with the $1700 per year which was awarded to the champ.

Coming of age right as the first sports books were coming online, Ben was fortunate to enjoy some success with his some of his early online sports betting endeavors. He did so well that the first shop he ever played at ended up refusing to take his hockey bets.

Also, in the very early days of the Internet, Ben won an NBA playoff contest, put on by a company which was called The contest victory awarded him a trip for two to Las Vegas, $1000 cash, a limo at his disposal, free shows, hotel and live sports odds for a year. Not a bad prize for a kid in his early 20s. However, the bigger prize was that Ben was exposed to the world of "professional sports handicapping." Inspired by his personal success and encouraged by his peers, Ben first made his picks available to the public in 1998.

Achievements in Handicapping/Sports

Top Ranked NFL Handicapper

From the years of 1998-2007, Ben's selections were independently documented at one of the Internet's earliest and most respected sports monitors, Big Guy Sports. During that time, Ben earned literally dozens of documented Top 3 finishes in football, basketball, baseball AND hockey, including numerous #1 titles. Competing against a field of 150 of the biggest names in the industry, he ranked as the #1 NFL handicapper in the existence of that sports monitor, in their All-Time rankings.  No competing handicapping service ever came close to matching his NFL record. In fact, Ben also ranked as the #1 combined NFL/NCAA football handicapper.

10 Straight Super Bowl Winners

A big part of the reason for Ben's #1 NFL titles was his annual success in the playoffs. He fared particularly well with his Super Bowl selections. In fact, from 1999-2007, he released 10 Super Bowl picks (3 Sides, 7 totals) and went a perfect 10-0. (All selections independently documented.) In the middle of that 10-0 streak, in the 2002-2003 season, Ben won with both the Bucs and the "over" the year that they beat the Raiders. That win was particularly sweet as he predicted that Tampa would win the Super Bowl in a number of national magazines, prior to the season even starting.

Fantasy Legend

Ben got pretty seriously into the DFS world in 2014 and 2015. Recently, he was featured as "The High Roller" in the 2015 documentary, "Living the Fantasy." A regular fixture at Fan Duel and Draft Kings live championship events, Burns has taken down 6-figure scores in football, basketball AND baseball. While many of the other prominent DFS players come from a poker background, two decades as a sports handicapper provide a unique perspective.

Biggest Win of 2016

The year has just begun but Ben has already enjoyed some notable wins. His "Bowl Game of the Year," which happened to be a total (WVU/ASU "over") saw the teams combine for 85 points and 1196 total yards, all of them in regulation. Closing out the campaign with wins on Clemson AND the "over" in the championship game was also rewarding.  

Systems Used For Handicapping

Bruce Lee noted: "Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style of system." Lee was known to talk about being shapeless, formless (like water) and ready to adapt to any situation. Likewise, Burns doesn't rely on any one particular methodology. Rather, he combines fundamental, technical and situational techniques, making use of any and all data, which he deems relevant to the situation.

Ben does tend to pay particular attention to the 'situational' side of things. Among numerous other factors, this includes trying to determine when (and why) a team will be extra motivated ("pumped up") to play its best and also when a team may be ripe for a "letdown." Burns has a contrarian nature and this trait is often revealed in his selections.  

Betting Philosophy

Ever adapting, Burns is just as likely to take points as he is to lay them. Over the years, he's played more "unders" than "overs" but that doesn't mean that he won't pull the trigger on an "over" when the time is right to do so. While many handicappers shy away from playing MLB/NHL favorites on the money-line, Ben has proven that one can be highly successful by doing so. For him, it’s all about value. If he can get a team at -130 that he likes and that believes should be -160, than that's a play.


Rating and Titles of Plays

Ben uses a scale of 5-10 to show his level of confidence with each play. Plays may include "titles" in order to give users a better idea of what to expect. Some of those titles include:

Personal Favorite - Strongest favorite (or pick'em game) in that sport for the day.

Best Bet - Strongest underdog (or pick'em game) in that sport for the day, occasionally can be a total.

Blue Chip Total - Strongest rated total in that sport/category for the day.

Main Event - Big play which is featured on national television.

Game Of The Week/Month/Year - Top rated side or total for that particular week/month/year.